Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Moonpie Cake....tastes nothing like a moonpie...just looks like an enormous one

Moonpie Cake

1 Devil's Food Cake Mix Baked according to box directions
I used 2 of the round Demarle cake molds. No need to grease or flour these molds!!!

Bake until pulling away from the edge of pan. Cool. Turn onto cake plate.

I will post a photo of a finished cake with topping..."chocolate ganache'
Until I make another one and get photos of my own...check out this link.

1 8oz box of cream cheese
1 cup of powder sugar
1 8oz cool whip

Icing/ topping
1 12 oz. bag milk chocolate chips
2 TBS of water
microwave until melted

Pour over cake

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