Sunday, May 18, 2008

After One Year of Lessons!

Today we enjoyed the pleasure of attending our sons' music recital. If any of you reading have ever been in a music recital, you can appreciate the nervousness and apprehension pent up in one room during a recital. With a maiden name like "Tweet" you can imagine that my home growing up was quite musical. We spent many, many hours singing together. I had always wished I could actually play an instrument. I finally had my opportunity in junior high. My first recital ended it too! I left, I believe it was sobbing. My teacher had me (a first yr student) play the piano for a whole orchestra...all the others were also students...well the pressure was too great. Not only did I feel like I had really messed up, but I had just ruined their recital as well! I never returned to taking lessons. I kinda wish I had. At the time it was unthinkable. Having that in my past makes my level of nervous anticipation for my boys intensified.

Well, back to today...the boys did great. They played their music well and left smiling carrying their music trophies! It was exciting for us all. They have worked very hard and have put in many hours of practice time. I also wish to thank Uncle Vince for nurturing this in the boys as well! Who knows how many "jam" sessions they have had together even before the boys could really play. Hope you enjoy these video clips. I failed to charge my camera battery so I was not able to record all of son #1's performance.....Here is what I got!


Viki said...

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO to all of you for practicing and persevering to get to this point. I am so happy to see you continue on with your playing. Keep it up and you will be playing weddings with Vince. Love, Aunt Viki

Vince said...

Excellent! Uncle Vince

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