Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuesdays Trip to Barber Turned to Tears.....

Haircuts for all three boys. EDC and JOC they protest a little, but really they don't mind going to "Ms. D's barber shop. At their ages they have their own reasons for protesting....EDC informed me that the girls at school like it when his hair is long enough to swoop it to the side with the shake of his head. Something mom just loves to hear....huh?!?!? When he tells me that with dimples peeking retort is, "Well, then, a buzz cut is sounding good." Then the other side of my brain reminds me that girls love to rub a buzz cut head. I just have to face it...they are just gonna notice my little men sooner or later.....Girls, please just back off for now, after all, son #1 is only in 4th grade!!!

As we were walking in, I supposeMLC was forewarning me by saying, "M-M no like like her." I just discounted it as toddler chatter and once he got in there he would get focused on the candy bribe that she has ready to offer her clientelle of all ages. While EDC saved our place in line, son #2 and #3 and I walked across the street to the local junk store where I found some more vintage glassware (Yes, it does make my heart soar!!!) We returned to the barber shop with more time to wait. I got the older 2 started on their homework, while MLC went to the toy cabinet to pull out the very vintage tractors...which he loves.

When it became MLC's turn, he fussed, cried and and made a scene. I was truly thankful that we finally had the shop to ourselves. Made me glad that I had let the lady with one son to go ahead of us. Well, in the midst of MLC's drama, Ms. D began to discuss the recent crime spree within our little community.

Our town's population may be approaching maybe 4,000. That is my guess anyway. We certainly have a small town feel. Crime is not an expected characterization of a town like ours. We have the picturesque town with a square with large Oak trees which is the locale for community events as well as the place the men meet to play dominos and the women meet there to walk as the children play.

Well, she began to share the details of the robberies...3-4...some in broad daylight....doors kicked in...gun and camera broken into during ball games....
Just what you want your easily worried, self imposed keeper of safety when dad is gone son to hear...So, as I was sitting in the barber chair, trying to keep MLC from ruining Ms D's attempt at a good haircut, I can see the fear encompassing my EDC. He even calls his dad to tell him about it all. He is across the room. I cannot comfort him. I just watch him become totally overcome with fear. So, Ms. D goes on to say....just thought you would want to know so you can be vigilant

So, as we are in the parking lot, nearing the van, my dear EDC says, "What will we do if they break in to our home?" I assured him that anything they could steal are just things and that we must trust the Lord to protect us. He was very burdened and truly troubled. My heart ached for him. The first comfort that came to my mind is Steve Green's children song that quotes Psalm 56:3, "When I am afraid, I will trust in Him..."

This morning while reflecting on the whole scenerio, I came across Proverbs 3:24, "When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet."
What a promise to claim and share with a troubled child of God! EDC came into the kitchen as I was compiling the verse list for this weeks' Bible study and yes, the topic is "fear". This will be another topic to add to the Nurture and Admonish with scripture series. It was such a pleasure to be able to share with him the comfort from God's Word, as we took turns reading the passages together. There is no describing the joy found in seeing one's child touched and comforted by the reading and applying of God's Precious Word.


Curly said...

I hate it when people talk like that around the kids! It is pretty awesome that you had that verse and song in "hidden in your heart" so you could use it immediately.

BTW, I love china and depression glass. I understand your vintage glassware issue. :)

Main Street Mom said...

I love Steve Green's children's CD's Hide Them In Your Heart #1 and #2. They are wonderful. I really need get them back on top of my CD pile!!!

Leah Belle said...

i wish the barber had been more sensitive to "little ears".

hey, be looking out for cobalt dishes for me over there, ok?

Main Street Mom said...

She had no idea of the effect...her intentions were good...just wanted me to be vigilant, no doubt.

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