Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wonderful visit from wonderful friends!

Having these dear friends come to spend the night with us was such a pleasant start to 2009 !
Mrs. Liz goes so far back in my family's history that she was in attendance at the revival services where my parents first met at the age of 16! Our families have become so intertwined, that one of her daughters is my aunt (my sister is named after that aunt) and another of her daughters I have adopted as "the little sis I never had". After many years of being single, Mrs. Liz is now very happily married to dear, Mr. Walt! He is the most vivacious and sweet 89 year old man I have ever met!

see how my baby sucks his thumb and winds his hair...has some kind of bed head as well!!!

Both of them absolutely enthralled the man clan! I was in awe of how both Mrs. Liz and Mr. Walt captivated their attention and gave the children their absolute attention. Adults like this are so rare. As a mother, I confess, so often the busy-ness of motherhood robs me of actually listening to my children. Watching my children respond so positively to the attention they were offered by these two had me wishing I could hold them hostage, just so I could glean more from their example! I am hoping that this wonderful start to 2009 will be the first of many visits from loved ones! Come on friends and doors are open!

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