Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu planning

Have taken many months off from posting menus, well...pretty much from blogging in general, it is good to be "back". I will blame it on the trauma or drama of living in the remodeling process with all three components of the "man clan" in the midst of it on summer break...all star baseball practices, summer camp, then football practices and games, back in school again...then the busy-ness and travel throughout the holidays this would be the first month in a long time that the weeknights have not been spent doing sports...laundry is getting done before midnight:-) Perhaps after all these months normality is returning.

Don't get me wrong, I love sports. I love seeing the boys pour their energy into something they love and find challenging and competitive. I love the life lessons they are learning there. Suffice it to has felt good to get just a little caught up in other areas of my life.

Truth be known, I have still been jotting down a menu on my printed copy of "local grocery deals". Just had not been taking the time to post them to the blog and link the recipes. What I had not been doing was taking the time to think through the breakfast and lunch my mornings (ie breakfasts) have been unnecessarily more hectic than normal. As with most everything in life...planning is so very beneficial:-) It just make me feel really good when I have a plan...

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