Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mentors, motherhood and haven when it hurts

For the past several years of motherhood, when my guys would share the angst of being made fun of or feeling excluded.  I would reply with any of the following responses.

  • People like that don't deserve your friendship, but they very well may need your kindness.
  • There will always be mean people. You gotta learn to live with them and love them.
  • Focus on all the friends to do have.
  • If you like your lunch, who cares what kids say about it.
  • Toughen up. Hold your head high and don't care so much what others think.

The list could go on and on.....about 8 years of it.....

Had I been outside of my home shell a little bit more during those years, and outside of my comfort zone just a little bit more, I think I would have gathered my guys in their moments of hurt into my arms and cried a while with them.  I missed some very great opportunities to show them there is a haven in momma's arms.  Really and truly, meanness hurt, and it hurts deeply

Learning, growing, gaining new experience can be exciting, unnerving, exhilarating, just a tad scarey, Mentors along the way, those that invest selflessly, sharing knowledge, are worthy of praise and recognition.  This new journey of mine...hard to believe I have been there 3/4 of a year, yet still so much to learn and experience.  For those nurses that remember they weren't born with their knowledge, did not even graduate from nursing school with their specialty mastered , who are willing to step along side and demonstrate professionalism and be a mentor,  for those nurses and friends I am thankful.  It is a gift to mentor.  It is a kindness to include someone new.  A sense of belonging is a gift one can't is just that a gift. 

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