Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Salmon and Carrots with photos and instructions

Heather cooked salmon fillets. These photos are taken in her kitchen.

The three vital ingredients...Salmon, lemon pepper, and Mayo. You won't believe how good it is!!!

Keep in mind, apply the lemon pepper liberally, and the mayonnaise only needs be applied as pictured. 1TBS spread about 1/4 inch thin.
Reapply the lemon pepper
as garnish on top of the mayonnaise.

Bake at 400 degrees
until flakes with fork.
About 15-20 minutes.

Heather also made butter chived carrots. It has certainly become a favorite of our families.

For a more detailed recipe look in vegetables and demarle presentation within my blog topics.

Wash, peel and chop carrots.

Steam or boil until tender.

Melt butter add chives in skillet.
Toss the cooked carrots in butter chive
mixture until thoroughly coated and warmed.

We also enjoyed garlic roasted potatoes.

I apologize for my photos here. I am still learning the art of photographing food.

I just wish you could have joined us for this was absolutely


Leah Belle said...

both of these meals were FABULOUS! i sure hope tonight's turns out good since i have so much to live up to.
i can't see pics...????

Main Street Mom said...

Tonight's meal was wonderful as well!!!

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