Friday, February 22, 2008

Quotes From My Refrigerator

Anyone who knows me well would confirm that my refrigerator holds much more than just food. I do loathe how cluttered the outside of it has become, but I really struggle with the decision of what I can file and what must remain taped and or magneted (is that a word) to the front and sides of it.

Of course the cherished photos are common to most all households. I even made a photo board to contain those and still have an overflow of favorite photos. Also, the newest art project made with care gets displayed there.

What I have just decided can come down are my collection of favorite quotes. They have accumulated there from sermons, reading....and well just living life. I have decided that if I post them here, then I will be sharing them with others and I can come here to relive my moments of inspiration!

  • The presence of God changes our perspective. E. Elliot
  • Love keeps no records of wrongs. E. Elliot
  • When we are not appreciative, we depreciate the blessings of God. (unknown source)
  • One is never persuasive when abrasive. Dr. Brunson
  • I want to be velvet over steel. (I owe an explanation for this one...will do so in another blog entry)
  • The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you. (unknown source

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