Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing The Boys

Being new to the blogging world, for whatever reason I feel the need to give "you all" a proper introduction to the little dictators of my life.

So often we endearingly refer to the boys by their initials and the number of their birth order. I really don't know why. I guess I started it because there is such good rhyming potential with calling them

"EDC 1 of 3"

"JOC 2 of 3"

"MLC 3 of 3"

It never ceases to amaze me how unique each of the boys are! It has been an amazing journey watching their personalities emerge as they are on their particular journeys to manhood.
I truly had never imagined myself as the mother to three sons. He blesses us above what we can ask or think!

Having all boys means that there is rarely a quiet moment during waking hours. We have held more wrestling matches than could ever be numbered. Oh, I haven't mentioned the amount of food consumed! We wonder if our grocery bill may send me back to work at some point. I might add there's lots of whining, lots of loving, lots of singing, in spite of the fact that "Baptists don't dance"...they dance..I really don't know where they get it--They are silly. These boys love birds. They excitedly come get me to share the spotting of a bluebird or cardinal...they know them by name. The play-dates & football parties we have here are rated highly as well!

Now, honestly, motherhood to these dear boys has brought out the best and at times the worst...that which I would rather not see in me. The Lord certainly has used these little souls to bless me and also deeply convict me at times.

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