Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ice Cream, Soup, and a Treasured Friends

The Lord knows the needs of our hearts.

I heard from several dear friends today.
  • My dear husband called "just to check in and hear my voice". I pray he never wearies of it!!!!
  • Two others who came and enjoyed breakfast with me. My son #3, MLC, went on an errand run with one of them while I was afforded a much needed nap.
  • My dear sis
  • One with which I have spent many play date hours during our early years of motherhood! Now that we are in another season of life, those times of fellowship are few. Thank you for the visit, soup and ice cream!
  • Yet another who still considers me a friend even though my blog typo caused her to bake 4 batches of baked oatmeal without sugar...(I am still sorry about that...btw, Leah, I corrected that mistake. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!)
  • (i can't seem to delete this bullet)
  • Another, that I have only known since the children began to school...even when getting together is not an fellowship is great!

The blessed thing of true friendship is that no matter span of time that passes between meeting, the bond remains. I treasure the blessing of friendship!


Leah Belle said...

I treasure our friendship. I'm glad the Lord has blessed us with it!

DJS said...

You are always an inspiration to me. Ice cream for you turned into a much needed friendship break for me! Hope you're better today.

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