Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lesson in Compassion

I have learned a real lesson in compassion. My son #1, the 8 yr old, EDC has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for several months now. I hate to admit it, but my mothering style has been less than tender and compassionate in this area. I have kinda taken the "be tough" approach.

WELL, now things have changed!!!! As of yesterday, I now have braces. Something that I had been told I needed to do since my junior high days...just something I had put off for many years. I now know somewhat the pain my little man has had to endure these past several months.
Aside from the first day he had his palate expander placed, I don't recall him asking for pain meds. I have been taking Tylenol ES around the clock. Food just does not hold the appeal it once did. Folks assure me that within a few days it will all be better. I am looking forward to that day!!!

I have a feeling that my dear EDC can look forward to some milkshakes, and a whole lot more TLC from me.

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