Monday, February 11, 2008

Supper Co-op....lovin' it!

Today marks the beginning of our second week of this supper co-op! It has been wonderful! The play date ruled today. J.O.C. and M.L.C. had the pleasure of playing with buddies outdoors on this beautiful "spring-like" day in February. My afternoon was free to do so, because supper had been delivered by Karen at 10am!

If intrigued by the concept, this has evolved for us over 2 1/2 years. My dear friend, Heather and I had been doing this for nearly a year. She cooked 2 nights a week and I cooked 2 nights a week then on the weekends we would do our own thing. Well, another dear friend, Leah perceived a good thing when she saw it. Once she recruited an fourth, Karen, we have it down to cooking once a week for each other. We sat down one afternoon for about an hour and got a menu down onto our calendars and it seems this will be a "good thing". Two of the four women are full-time professionals, one a homeschooling mom of two with a home based sales business, and I am a mom of 3 boys the youngest is still at the age to keep me forever running to keep him out of danger, out of the toilets and off the phone!
Families and friends working together are such a blessing. This arrangement allows me to focus my energies on other projects and pleasures, while the alimentary needs of my family are still being met.

Here is the link for out Feb menu .

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