Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Alive!!!!

This time of year as the winter chill comes more intermittently. I frequently get outside yearning to see signs of life. The Carolina Jasmine, Japanese Magnolia, and Ornamental Pear seem to be some of the first to show their awakening from the winter rest. This past fall I had planted 9 new Hydrangeas. So, of course, I kept making my rounds to those looking and hoping that they had survived the traumatic experience of being transplanted. Three of the plants' branches seemed oh, so, brittle and I had resigned myself to either rethinking my dream of our seating area being surrounded this summer of by their beauty, or preparing myself for spending money for their replacement.

Well, we have been out of town this week enjoying the pleasures of family togetherness during the boys' Spring break. Upon returning home I made my therapeutic walk through the yard. Upon seeing the little green leaves sprouting out on those "oh, so, brittle branches"...I exclaimed to no one but myself,"It's ALIVE!!!!!"

No sooner than the words left my thoughts went to the joy that must have been felt by the followers of Christ when they discovered that their Saviour was risen!!!! It was a special moment for me reflecting on the validation of Christ and the triumph that he demonstrated and we see paralleled in nature.

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