Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lovely Lemons found recipe I tried!

Go here to get the wonderful recipe!!!

I made this dessert to serve at church today. It was a success. Imagine lemon, cream, and the crispiness of a meringue crust. Yum, yum, yum!!!!!

Thank you Leigh Anne for sharing such wonderful recipes online! Of course, I failed to get photos of my own.... I have promised to make another one soon. I will supply a photo of my own then.

I say try it on your family!!!!


Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the Lemon Angel Pie. It is definitely a family favorite - I've been making it for 20 years. Leigh Anne at

Main Street Mom said...

It was wonderful! Do you have any other meringue based recipes that you would recommend? Several years ago, while traveling abroad (England) we were served a meringue dessert. It was a layer of meringue, custard or creme, and cake. Thanks again for sharing such wonderful recipes!

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