Monday, July 28, 2008

Nurturing Boys

Nurturing Boys

Certainly the Lord knew what He was doing in giving me boys and only boys. When I thought “I would do best with a daughter”, the Lord thought otherwise. Three sons later I continue to marvel at the changes it has brought about in me! My life has forever been changed!
There is lots of rough and tumble going on here on Main Street. If no one is playing poke, pinch, slug and chase, ball, riding bikes, wrestling, climbing trees, or just fussing for dominance we must either be watching TV (some testosterone driven TV show like Deadliest Catch, Survivor Man or sports.), eating or sleeping…..did I mention eating cause there is much more of that here than there is sleeping!
Not much thought is given to the female accessorizing aspects of the home any more. There was a time during my early seasons of nesting that burning a lovely scented candle was relaxing and somewhat romantic. Now it poses a serious safety threat and is far too intriguing to these boys, that I have now resorted to the flameless candles…really does sound oxymoronic doesn’t it. How can a candle be flameless and still be called a candle? The fresh cut flowers that had been standard on the bedside tables just don’t happen with frequency. The most recent guest that got to stay in my son’s room instead had a baseball cup (which belongs to a friend) on the bedside table. That I noticed as I was getting her settled in to the room. I bet that never happens to moms of girls! Thankfully she too has three boys….it didn’t even phase her!
The incident that has prompted the writing of this post occurred a few weeks ago. My son #2, JOC, was trying-- without success--to learn to make the armpit noise. His fingers laying flat in the hollow of his arm pit would never make it happen. The analytical/teacher/nurturer in me came out and I started explaining to him that in order to get the noise he was trying to achieve his hand would have to be cupped…… I stopped mid sentence and screamed what has happened to me! Why am I instructing this child of mine how to make arm pit noises!!!!?!?!?!?!? Over this I am still very perplexed! Never in my life have I even attempted or have I desired to try to make arm pit noise and there I was instructing my offspring on the technicalities thereof?!?!? Since JOC has been having such pleasure demonstrating his new found talent then informing his audiences (ie. my mother-in-law) that his mother taught him, so I figured I would post this now to admit to it for all the world to know.

NICE, huh!?!


Tiffany said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love reading yours. I love the stories about your boys. After 16 months of having a boy and a girl I can tell that they are and will be so different.

Sharla said...

do you think dads teach their little girls how to french braid, paint fingers and toes, and make baked oatmeal?

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