Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Went For A Walk

My time in Valley in unique. There is time to blog and there is certainly more one on one time with my MLC. EDC and JOC get to go to the Grandparents and would far rather be there than with the Momma, law enforcer:-) And of course they love to be with them when I am not. Don't get me wrong, MLC gets time with the Grandparents...I am just usually tagging along. My MLC is rather attached to me....It's ok. I know it won't be forever.:-(

Today during some of our alone time we got to go for a walk. Not just a ride in the stroller, but he walked with Mom! Yes, it was rather special. Hand in hand we left the house...

we were on a mission to go see some kitty-cats, dogs, and maybe even hunt some deer!

Here is MLC at the church that his daddy attended as a little boy...just his age!
MLC was rather intrigued by all the steps and the columns.
Then we ventured up the hill to the Mill that is the center of the Village of Fairfax. It now stands as a very silent reminder of the history made therein. What had been the guard house has always impressed me, such detail given to such a small structure. The rest of our walk will be narrated in a later post........My MLC really is growing up so quickly. I cherish this time with him so very much!

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Roberto Manzanares said...

Querida Connie:
Qué alegría saber que están bien, y que sus preciosos hijos crecen sanos y talentosos. Vimos a sus padres ayer 1 de Agosto. Su mami me habló de este blog, y apenas pude esperar para llegar a la casa y buscarlo.
Estoy escribiendo desde el correo de mi esposo porque, no tengo cuenta en G-Mail pero abriré una. Espero que podamos seguir en contacto. Mi e-mail es
Cuídense mucho.
Con todo mi cariño,


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