Thursday, July 17, 2008

What have I been doing....and Why am I so Tired?

Within the last week June and the 16th of July I have:

  • canned too many tomatoes to count!
  • planned and coordinated July 1st patriotic potluck. See link for my friend's blog regarding the event here. I was amazed how many friends attended and invited others. Thanks to all that made it huge! The food was wonderful!
  • had a bathroom remodeled
  • been to waterworld and swimming too many times to count
  • been to NC and back
  • been freezing peaches
  • still been trying to maintain the house and yard (did I mention that the front axle on my mower is needing to be replaced and the front wheel fell off) Thanks to friends and neighbors I think the fast growing grass (thanks to all the rain we have been blessed with for the first summer in forever!) will be kept in check while we get this repaired.
  • been trying to walk daily
  • did I mention keeping the kids entertained?
  • weekly Bible study with a few ladies from church
  • keeping the freezer stocked with healthy food for snacking monster boys
  • still couponing
  • still CVSing
Ok getting all this out here on the blog makes me feel a little more entitled to being tired. Now with all this behind me...hopefully I will have a chance to catch up on some rest.


Leah Belle said...

Never a dull moment, heh? I'm grateful that we will never be able to say that our lives are boring!

family, friends and fun....what blessings! Now if you'd just go to bed, you might catch up on some sleep!

love ya!

Main Street Mom said...

Is that the solution to the fatigue?
Just finished the peaches...EDC helped too. That was fun.

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