Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Highlights of Camp

So thankful for the wonderful dorm fellowship with which we were blessed. I was unsure of how MLC would do being in a dorm setting.

Of all my sons, he has had a bedtime ritual all his own.

  • It goes like this.."lights out"
  • Then MLC says, "Mommy, hair down." Then I hold him closely while he holds my hair and sucks his thumb...he hugs me and pats my back.
  • Then he nearly dives out of my arms into his bed. Then he says,"Tuck, tuck 2, 4" (That means, please put on all three blankets and tuck me in.)
  • The next step is "story" (That means turn on I Love To Tell the Story...his favorite CD)
  • Then "shut door,, Mommy"
MLC did great at camp. He absolutely bonded with all of our roommates. It was wonderful. At bedtime he would call out to all...."Ni-night, people!" He would roll onto his tummy and ask for his "tuck-tuck". Just his ability to rest well at camp was such an answer to prayer. Thank you, Lord!

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