Friday, August 22, 2008

Birthday Blessings!

Today was a unique birthday! My day started with instructions to check my e-mail. There I found a beautiful poem from EJC. This tradition of writing me a birthday poem began in 1995! I have received one every year since on my birthday (with the exception of maybe 1 or 2). They are treasured beyond words. Today's poem was no exception! I have contemplated sharing these on my blog...I just can not bring myself to it! They are a piece of who we are. Each poem is an insight of that years joys, and trials.

As the children awoke I was greeted with hugs and pleasantries. I was given a solemn vow that the boys would do their best not to fight all day! A promise, I might add, that they kept. I was rather impressed!

I opened cards from Dad and Mom, EJC's folks, Vince and Viki. I received the traditional phone call from EJC's folks...singing "Happy Birthday".

It was then time to do my daily walk. Loaded up the strollers, bikes and boys and headed to the town square. Arrived just as the others were...typically I join in about 5 minutes late. I was pleased to be so "on time". Once I got everyone unloaded and ready to walk. I looked around to join in and they were all at the gazebo around a table. They all brought a breakfast feast to the square! The menu was:

I must also mention all the phone calls, e-mails and Facebook messages. I might add, Facebook is really an awesome thing! Many friends from every phase of my life reconnected ...finding new friends all the time and new friends finding me! I received so many birthday wishes there as well. Just gotta love Facebook when it is used properly!!!!

Thank you to all who made my day so very special!!!!!

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