Sunday, August 24, 2008

Turned frustration into a deliciously delightful day!!!!

Last Tuesday was my day to take my van to the body shop for an estimate and to the insurance company for photos to be taken of the fender bender damage! Yes, backing up a little in time.....the day after we returned from our wonderful, relaxing retreat....I got in a "minor" fender bender.

So, rather than a trip to Abbeville being only a drudgery, the boys and I enjoyed a treat at Huggin Molly's! They were enthralled by the soda shop experience.

One could sense their anticipation!!!!

EDC got the first float! It was so full, it was served in a glass in a bowl!

The glass was packed with ice cream! He had no trouble finishing it and then he spoke the words that a "mom to boys" loves to hear, "Man, I am full!"

JOC was ready to dig in when his was set before him. He even gave the chick that made it a big hug!!! May I just say, I love his blue eyes, smile and dimples!!!

Just look at MLC's excitement! The sundae was huge!!! Mason shared (with some hesitancy)! It was yummylicious!

The fender bender: $500
The soda shop goodies:$9.50
The deliciously delightful moment: Priceless

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edcolley said...

Great blog! Made me smile!

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