Monday, September 29, 2008

Just For Fun!!!

This is a new mint condition brown version of my own...A GIRL CAN DREAM! One question though....WHY AM I SO PRACTICAL!!!!


1. Describe your favorite purse...I am embarrassed to admit...for two years now my Vera Bradley black backpack/purse/diaper bag has been my bag of choice. Now that my MLC is getting bigger and does not really need everything that is usually carried in a diaper bag, several times I have tried to transition away from it to no avail! I will pull out one of the pretty, more trendy handbags only to become frustrated with its lack of organization. I have married this bag.
I can find most anything in it with my eyes on the road and one hand one the wheel. The cell phone rings...side pocket.... Digital camera...front pocket under flap... Pens...other front pocket under flap. Urge for chap stick....only the best yellow tube...front little zipper pocket above the flapped pocket....See what I mean?!?!?! When you have bonded with a bag like this, will I ever find another that I can love equally or more, besides another one just like it? It is time...the bag is looking rather worn and tired.

2 What 4 things are ALWAYS in your purse...Burts Bees Balm, Lip Stick..MK Mocha Freeze, pens (including a sharpie), Credit Cards/cash/check book

3. What is the most unusual thing you carry with you on a regular basis...scissors

4. What is the strangest thing you have ever found in your purse...a cow (toy of course)

5. Is your purse an "open book" or a "private sanctuary" seems to be an "open book"....I dream of someday it becoming a "private sanctuary"

6. Do you change purses often or tend to use the same one for everything
... Refer to question 1..................

#1 7. Any "purse wisdom" you would like to share....everyone ought to try a Vera Bradley at least once in their lives..a little pricey maybe....but the quality is worth it and the attention to detail is obvious!!!To celebrate the upcoming passage of my MLC from a diaper wearing to a spiderman underware wearing "baby" boy...I think it is time to turn in the diaper bag/backpack. I have found these 2 styles....One of them is greatly reduced too!!!! What do you think?!?!?!

Thanks to Tonja @ Gatherings for this fun item!!!

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Leah Belle said...

i like the top one of the two best for your new purse.

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