Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seasonal Consignment Sales

If you have never participated in a seasonal consignment sale....I recommend it! Find one in your area. Not only is it an ingenious way to sell your outgrown, slightly worn, child's clothing, but it is an wonderfully fun time with special friends.

It has amazed me year after year, regardless of the sale in which I have participated. Years ago, a college friend encouraged me to take part in a sale in Lagrange, GA. I was so impressed! I came home telling my friends that we needed something like it in our area; only to find out that we did have one. I shopped Kids Market for the first time probably in 2001. I participated as a hostess the following sale and even became a team member (which means that I worked more hours and shopped before the other volunteers and contributors).
Last spring I was invited to become involved in a sale in Ozark, AL. It is called Treasure Trunk. The ladies that started the sale did not do it for selfish motives. They did it as a ministry. I was amazed last spring to find out that the "pink shirt" ladies shop along side of all the other hostesses (turquoise shirt). There is no pre-shopping by the founders of the sale. All of the founders and hostesses shop at the same time! (Yes, I repeated myself...I am still not over it!) I was amazed! It is truly a charity event. 5% of the sale is donated to the Salvation Army the other 95% of the sale goes to my pocket or pays for clothes! A $20 hostess entry fee pays for the Civic Center and the general public also pays $1 admission to the Salvation Army to shop.

Once again, this fall sale, I sold more than I bought! I came home with my basket full for the boys. I usually avoid the toys. One of my most exciting purchases were 3 Baby Einstein DVD's;
$3 each! MLC is loving them!


Leah Belle said...

such fun we had! after experiencing Treasure Trunk, there's no going back to other sales for me!

Main Street Mom said...

After experiencing it with you, newly acquired friends and some of the best sis-in-laws in the world....I will stick with this one!!!

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