Sunday, October 5, 2008

2 is not so terrible..........

It has been such a delight lately to see little MLC growing up! I won't pretend that he isn't normal. He does have his occasional typically 2 year old outbursts; however, the times of reveling in the marvel of his mental and physical developement has been such a pleasure. His vocabulary seems to be expanding exponentially!

His pattern of play has even changed. Rather than playing with toys like he is tornado and the toys are the victims in his path; he now spends tedious moments arranging and rearranging the farm set and animals. He now enjoys stacking more than scattering. It is really fascinating to see the changes.

Now, singing and the reading of books has become even more of a delight within the past few weeks. Bedtime ritual now includes the "tractor book and the train book". I think it even helps him sleep better. He sings hymns all the time! Up until now his attention span and activity level did not allow him the leisure of watching TV. He is now a "Baby Einstein" fan and even asks to watch Andy Griffith. He even quotes Andy! He especially loves any episodes with music..

He is also becoming quite the comic. He certainly thinks he is as big as his brothers. More and more he is spending time with them and immitating them. It is easy to see that he really does look up to them.

Potty training is going rather well. The only complaint is that when the notion hits him; the pants come down. It matters not whether he is outside, in the kitchen, at the lake, at the town square or in church. He does not yet understand that the socially acceptable thing is to not bare all until in the privacy of a bathroom facility. It will come in time, though, I hope. He is doing so well though. This evening after going to bed, he awoke twice telling me he needed to use the potty, and he was right! I am amazed!

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edcolley said...

I enjoyed this one, too! It made me smile and laugh out loud!

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