Wednesday, October 8, 2008

$67.75 for $9.07 out of pocket and getting $9.49 in Easy saver rebate !

I have not made a habit of blogging about my drug store deals. After yesterday's outing, this early in the week...I thought it was too good not to share with others that care! See that smile..
mine was just that big. No, really, I just wanted to share the pics of MLC that had to be taken while I was blogging. He kept looking at me and saying, "CHEESE!!!"

I had 2 $10 RR that had to be used yesterday. Walgreens does not feel generous when it comes to expired RRs. I promise you they had to be used. Yet, I felt very compelled to use them wisely for products that I needed.

The starch, toothpaste, mouthwash,school snacks and trash bags were all on my list of things I needed. Those alone would have totaled at least $20 at the other WAL...

Now, I admit, the candles were not needs....I just wanted them. In spite of being a mom to boys, I am trying to do the candle thing again when the boys are at school, and occationally when they are home too. I just really do love scented candles.

Here is what I got. Granted the $67.75 would be walgreens' regular price for these products without the use of coupons....who would do that?

2 Glade wisp flameless candles 5.99 X 2= 11.98-13.99= 2.01 overage! (BOGO coupon and a $5/1 + $3RR)
2 Niagra Heavy spray starch 1.79 X 2= 3.58-2.60= .98 for 2!!(MFGC $1/2 and WAGC -1.60)
2 Listerine Smart Rinse 4.50 x 2= $9 - 1=8 - 4.5= 3.5 for 2(2 MFGC .50/1 and RR 4.50)
Coffee Mate Hazelnut...yum yum!1.50 - 1= .50 for yummylicious hazelnut creamer!!!(MFGC $1/1)
2 Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills $1.99 (ESrebate $2)
1 cheese and sticks (for lunch snacks..not in pic) just pleases the JOC and is a great useful filler
2 york mints (little breathmint size) in the cans .99 each from clearance shelf
Tuf kitchen trash bags sale price 3.99
2 Orajel toddler traning toothpaste3.99 (BOGO yeah!!! and 2 MFGC$.55/1)
1 Rimmel Lasting finish foundation 7.49 (free after rebate Easy Saver)
2 pkg Household gloves .25 (also found on clearance shelf)

Getting deals brings a smile to my face too!!! Isn't he just cute!!!

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