Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dad had the day off!

We met friends at Callaway Gardens for a fabulous, fall day. We enjoyed a picnic, toured a garden, saw tractors and more tractors and rode bikes. What a pleasure it is for the boys to ride to their hearts content! Absolutely a lovely day!

There's John (the bestman in our wedding), and my dear, EJC! EJC, thanks for such a lovely day! This pic was taken to indicate how far ahead of them I was on the trail:-)!!!!

My beloved Lisa friend is most certainly one of the sweetest people in this world. We love her dearly!

JOC is just a blur! Very typical for him all the time!

Too cool now that he's taken the 10 speed!

Now that's my boy..thanks for posing!

No need to worry. MLC did enjoy being that close to his Daddy:-)

I like this one, maybe because I did not have to work for the pose!

EDC 1 of 3

JOC 2 of 3

Coming down the infamous antique slide together!

Oh yeah, that's a "do again"!

and again!

John Deere extravaganza!!!!

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