Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Makin Time of Year

While I was rather occupied at a nearby pumpkin farm on a first grade field trip with my JOC, my friends embarked on a weekend project and offered to include me in the goods!!!! For a little more that $15 per family, we/they yielded 15 pumpkins! I would have loved to be involved from beginning to end, but the time I was able to be with them it was fun!This is the phase of the project when I arrived on Saturday.

My three sons, Sharla's three sons and Diane's three daughters all playing outdoors on Saturday afternoon beckoned other children in the neighborhood to come over as well. There was a full lawn of kiddos, doing what they love......The boys often bemoan living on Main Street, now that they have through Sharla, experienced neighborhood/subdivision living/playing. They also get in on it during our weekly Saturday walk in her 'hood!

Certainly, a wonderful way to spend a beautiful, fall, Saturday.Our whole pumpkin patch!Here is the happy trio that came to live on Main Street!!! I got to do all the detailing on mine! Sharpies are great!


Curly said...

Very cute! What are they made of and did you have to cut them out?

Main Street Mom said...

The other two ladies cut them out the day I was gone on the field trip. It is 1/2 inch plywood and they were cut out with a jigsaw. It was neat seeing the pumpkins evolve!

Sharla said...

i like it!

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