Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Local Scenes of Fall

Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts....

mountains of peanuts!

Cotton lined up at the gin! This photo I really like
because the colors are reminiscent of those vintage
pyrex bowls I love! Just look at the vividness!!!

Tons and tons of it!

Oh, and look at the hay! Baby, there's hay!

Once again it may not be the breath taking foliage some of you all are blessed to enjoy, but it some of the scenes that characterize our fall!


Amanda said...

I love our fall scenes too...I can't imagine life without peanut trucks and our alabama snow!

Curly said...

Getting caught behind a peanut wagon on a two-lane road is annoying! However, I love the smell of a freshly turned peanut field. It reminds me of my grandpa.

Main Street Mom said...

The trailers are slow...just reminds me of work in progress:-)
There is nothing like the smell of freshly turned peanuts to make me think of dosing my clan up on claritin!!!!

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