Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farm, First Grade Fun with Friends OCT 17, 2008

Happy to be together!!! The children were so happy to have time with their parents and friends

What a beautiful day we had for the field trip to the farm. It was so good to see so many friends again, as it was the first gathering of this type since the beginning of the school year! Also, JOC and one of his BFF's, "Agent JAB" as we here call him were so happy to have the day together. You see,they are in different classes this year for the first time since K-4. It has been a good opportunity for my JOC to reach out to others for love and friendship!

The day was full of all things infarmational! The children learned about the harvesting of crops with some interactive stations.

They also had opportunities to pet animals,

pick a pumpkin and sunflower,

get lost in a real corn maze.

No pics of this; however, since I am terrified of mazes. yep, they panic me. Guess what, it was JOC that had to be recued from the maze. He had to resort to the scream and wave hands in air rescue request! He and two others were the last ones out of the maze.

The wagon ride was a highlight as well.


Viki said...

The kids sure look like they had a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing the pictures thanks for posting them.

Amanda said...

We love Aplin Farms! It holds lots of special memories for our family. Every year Royce would go with us to enjoy an afternoon there doing all the fun fall activities.

We have not been able to bring ourselves to do it this year. All these firsts are so hard!

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