Thursday, November 20, 2008

God's provision for our needs and wants

Last week on our drive home after spending time with husband's parents, the boys and I stopped in a classically Southern town. It has been a very long time since I have felt the least bit compelled to stop in at an antique mall with my manly clan! I am able to hold the wiggling toddler and the other 2 boys know the rules. The boys were wonderful.

My compulsion to stop in was fueled by the knowledge that several furniture items currently in my possession will return to Dad and Mom upon their return to the States in, hopefully, a few weeks. It was truly a blessing to keep those items for my parents these past several years, but having Dad pastor a church in our State is more than I ever thought possible!

During our stop in that quaint town, I found a night stand to go by our bed and a 3 drawer medium sized side table for EDC. I was able to negotiate a great deal for the 2 items and then when I arrived home I was very happy to discover that the side table for EDC was in fact, an Ethan Allen. I had passed up a matching dresser, due to the fact that I had no wiggle room in the van. The next day I returned with a friend. The dresser was still there. I love negotiating. It will be in MLC's room. I had time to find two shelving units as well! I was amazed to find it all! I will blog about the kitchen items I found later:-)

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