Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our first hard freeze!

To celebrate cold weather...It is finally feeling like November this week. Who knows what the weather will be next week. Here in the Southeast, there is no putting away the summer clothes. We just live with overflowing closets all winter, because one day it may be freezing and the next has a high in the 70's. Personally, it suits me fine. I suppose after living here 20 years, it is the norm to me. I view those gorgeous Spring-like days as a "heaven sent" reprieve from the cold. I have friend; however, who wishes for a constant of freezing at night and highs of 40s and 50s so this celebration post is for her!

Here's a link to the recipe that celebrates cold weather! None for me...still doing the diet thing! My man clan loved it! Try Peppermint Hot Chocolate on your clan!

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Leah Belle said...

that's right. i don't like never knowing what the appropriate attire day to day might be. i want it to get cold, stay that way for a while. then get warm and stay that way for a while.

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