Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothin but snow pics from our trip to KY! MLC's first snow!!

After a long drive in icy conditions we were thankful to arrive safely in Lexington. The following morning, I was blessed to awake to beautiful freshly fallen snow! Not too much, just enough to please the children with a "snow day"....."NO SCHOOL!"...and just enough to make the landscape picturesque. For those of you that see more snow than once every 5 years, you can laugh at me. This Alabama girl, was squealing with delight! MLC was excited too!

View from the front door of my "inn":-)

MLC and MOM in front of the front door of our "inn"!

My dear, little sister, that I never had! Me and Z in our make-up-less glory! Such a lovely day,chillin out at the house all day! Thanks for such a wonderful day and visit! Yet another one of those moms to only boys. Makes and takes unique women!

The neighbor boys being too cool!

Nothing more classic that snow angels!

At this point the gloves were just getting in the way for this little one from Alabama....who had been playing out in the sandbox in 70 degree weather days earlier!!!

Not much brings such pleasure as throwing snow at others!
Got such a great, fun reaction!

It did not take him long to realize that gloves are his friend!

Contemplating his strategy.....what or who will be his next target?

Ok, blue eyes, who will it be?!?!?

Ah ha! He has figured it out! See his glee!
What a cutie pie!!!!!

Snow ice cream was a hit!


Zerilda Evans said...

Ahhh! How Sweet! Thank you for posting us! Love you! Z

Main Street Mom said...

Already looking forward to our next visit. The boys have ordered snow for that visit as well:-)

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