Thursday, January 29, 2009

I know the day is quickly coming when the little things that define my baby will be nothing short of a memory. He is growing up so fast. My MLC and 3rd of 3 has been my only thumb sucker. He loves it and I suppose I have loved it too. Sure, someday I may dearly regret it if we have extensive orthodontic issues, but it has been such a thing of comfort for him. Then there is his thing for hair. He sucks his right thumb and runs his fingers through hair. He prefers mine, but will use his own or his brothers if I am not nearby. In the grocery store, as I am pushing the buggy he begs for me to bend down so he can reach my hair. In church, he loathes my hair being pulled back. And usually it is not...just for his sake. Running his fingers through my hair is such a calming thing for is worth the trouble for the ability to hear the sermon. At meal times, when he is done eating, he loves to climb into my chair behind me and get in my hair too. It is amazing what the baby gets to do!
My prompting for writing this posting was due to a grocery store encounter some time ago. A sweet lady stopped me after admiring my thumb sucker. She told me that she and her daughter had just searched high and low for a picture of her thumb sucker who was then preparing to graduate. They were compiling a picture board and could not find a single thumb sucking picture. She then told me to let the baby suck his thumb in pictures, there will come a day that you will cherish it. I took her advice. I can imagine, and I hope that in high school thumb sucking will be a very distant memory of those sweet baby days!

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edcolley said...

Thank you for posting this! I love our little Mason! Eddie

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