Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wishing I had had my camera when I saw this!

Living on Main Street has a variety of perks, but this perk today was a one of a kind. Perhaps you can think what else would also claim Main Street as its address. In this little town, there are several private residences, 2 daycare facilities, a grocery store, a beauty parlor, 2 banks, the gas company, a gas station, a florist, and well, yes the mortuary/funeral home.

Sharing Main Street with the mortuary gives me pause every time I see a funeral processional pass. I wonder about the deceased and the family, do they have hope of seeing one another again,, or are they are sorrowing as those who have no hope...I typically say a prayer for the family. The processional that passed today was no ordinary funeral fact it interrupted my typical musings. All I can say is, "I sure would love to know whose funeral processional passed my home today!" I hope that does not sound nosy or odd. Let me explain.

This afternoon I was just doing the normal "domestic pick up after the Sunday morning getting ready for church whirlwind" when the loud rumble of Harley's, oh, about 20 of them, stole my attention from my domestic progress. That alone was not blog worthy, however; what I saw next made me wish for the first time (in 13 years) since living here on Main Street that I had my camera ready to get a picture of a funeral processional! I fought the urge to do would not be proper to go running out on Main to snap blog pictures of a grieving funeral processional...right? There is some level of decorum to be followed, right!

The coffin was in the back of an old pick up truck. No doubt, the wishes of the deceased. The pallbearers were also riding in the back of the pickup in the rain. What was so photo worthy was their attire...denim overalls and white T-shirts--very classic in a down south kind of way!

What immediately came to my mind was, "If someone could be that creative for their final wishes...can you imagine what it must have been like to know them for a lifetime!" Who of my guy friends would be willing to do that?!?!?! He must have had some very loving, loyal, and fun-loving friends.

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