Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost too late!

My JOC 2of3 lost his two front teeth in the same day...I think it was Easter weekend. I did not get a good close up pic until today...time marches on and the days are oh, so, busy....

This morning as I was lovin' on my most affectionate JOC...I saw that his permanent teeth are making their way in! I had him run get the camera. Why do they have to grow up so very quickly?

My EDC 1of3 lost his front teeth after his permenent teeth had already come in behind them.. He had real orthodontic issues....thank God for Orthodontists! I do not recall the cute toothless grin on him that I am loving in JOC! I want that to last just a little longer... My goal is to make him smile and laugh more in the coming days so I can enjoy that toothless grin as much as possible!

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