Thursday, June 25, 2009

Then there was the Bible Conference....

Conference 2009

The preachers that attended the conference

Pastor Ed Pierce and the "man clan"

Three days to rejoice in the wonders of our Saviour... Reflecting on the enigma He was and still is to many....thankful for the revelation of His provision of salvation to oh, so many! The pleasure of fellowship with loved ones was wonderful and one of our annual highlights!

For those able to attend, thank you for coming and giving us the opportunity for service. Over the years we have grown to love and cherish the many friendships kindled here.

The conference's closing hymn is "God Be with You Till We Meet Again". Certainly our prayer for all.

One's mind cannot help but think of the many who have already gone to be with our dear, Saviour and our next meeting will be in heaven. They are too many to count, but our most recent losses would be Mrs. Gay Sollosi and Mr. Grady Croft. So many years they too had shared sweet fellowship here

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