Sunday, August 30, 2009

How much can a summer hold.........

Baseball this year for our oldest, EDC 1 of 3, was not a "winning" year. It was a year of varied emotions, a year of many character lessons. Game after game...pitching successes and pitching failures...fielding successes and fielding failures. The previous year his team had been undefeated and this year that was not the story.
The lessons from "Facing the Giants" were reiterated in the car on the way home many times....if we win honor the Lord, if we lose...honor the Lord...with your attitude and actions. It is so easy to have great sportsmanship when winning, but when losing and frustrated...that is when one's true character shows through.

Then there was all stars selection. He was chosen...but as 1 of 2 alternates. That meant he would practice with the team 3-4 evenings a week and if someone got hurt he might get chosen to play in their place. This was his first year in the league and he was chosen as one of the top 14 ball players in their division within our small community. It was an honor and a great opportunity to practice with the team. The emotional stress/anticipation; however of hoping to get the position when one of the players had to back out of the team (d/t shoulder problems @ 10yrs old...sad) was palpable. The team scheduled a practice tournament and the alternates were permitted to play. They won the tournament.

At the end of the tournament the decision was made. The coach came and told me first and I asked him to relay his decision to EDC. The position was given to the other child. Coach said that their skill rated equal, but the other player was in his last year in the division and EDC, being a year younger, has the chance to be in all-stars again next year. I was concerned that the reaction would be an emotional one. I watched from afar. When he got the news, his first reaction was to find his friend and tell him. I saw my son place his arm on that boy's shoulders and say..."Congrats, CS, you made the team!" They celebrated his friend's happiness together! That day I saw that, yes, there are valuable life lessons learned on the ball field, and this losing season was certainly not in vain. As a mom to 3 boys I know that many, many hours will be spent at the ball field. It is wearisome at times, but knowing it is part of the shaping these boys into men of character...makes it seem worth it all.

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