Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Kitchen Features


The day the sink was found, I was hard pressed to return home with a sink...per the contractor's orders.... I had hoped for a very deep sink, but after I priced them online I resigned my desire to God and had come to the conclusion that I would get a stainless steel 7 in deep sink....nothing extra special just the basic and functional. I entered the showroom on an agenda to pick out a faucet and sink that was in stock and I could carry home the same day. Little did I know that so many of the showrooms for lighting and fixtures place orders.

This black beauty sat in the showroom; set aside with a handwritten note stating its price...far reduced from its original price. The drains were already set, which is usually an additional purchase. One less decision I had to make.

The sinks are deep. It is e-granite. The Lord knew my needs and the desires of my heart and blessed me with this. Someone had ordered it and changed their mind....the sink was ordered for me in reality.

Once again...Thank you, Lord for my sink!

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