Sunday, January 3, 2010

party favors....

Supplies: Ice Cream cones, Candy melts, Sprinkle power...(another story), classic candy, cello party favor bags (clear), ribbon

Melt those candy melts and dip those cones!

Yep, this would be the sprinkle power....get it on there!

Let them set and does not take long! They look so happy! Have I ever mentioned that silpats make me happy too?

Oh, yes...all your favorite classic candies!!!! Keep it colorful and happy!

Even boys like candy necklaces...I promise you...not a one turned 'em down!!!

clear cello bags...

This works best with the top folded down...about half way...helps in loading the cone with all the delicousnesses....
oh, yep that's a word!

Not the greatest pic, but I was loading these, photographing it with one hand in the wee hours of the natural light working in my favor here....

This shows them in their cuteness...waiting for their orange and blue ribbons!

Basket full of sweetness...........oh, I wish I had a pic of the look on my son's face when he saw these! The smile and hug I got and the, "Aw thanks, Mom!"....made it worth the late night!

I saw a version of this made on Semi Homemade by Sandra Lee on Food Network...could not find a link; however to post here....hers were very "girly"....we don't do girly around here:-)

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