Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Fat and White

Sooooo, yesterday I had the pleasure to take 3 sons to a bridal shop.  Yes the day is quickly approaching that sons 1 and 2 will be playing violins for our friends wedding.  As an aside, she accepted the audition!

The older two were measured and as we were ordering the tux shirts and bow ties, MLC the #3 son insisted that he too should be measured since he would be playing in the wedding.  I explained to him that when he was older and taking lessons, he could also play in weddings.  Imploringly he said, "Mom, I play Big Fat and White with my guitar with my guys!"  I laughed and then had to explain to the sales lady that he was referring to the Bridal March....and yes, that is how my sweet MLC sings to the tune.

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