Monday, January 31, 2011

Creativity at work....Revisited

So I was informed by the daddy of the creative child here...that he had been following my latest blog entries, but just didn't "get" the most recent one about play dough....

 so I guess I have been viewing this through my "mommy" lenses and perhaps I should explain what I am seeing here.

This comes from a woman that cried in art class...when given a lump of play dough...all I could think to do was cook it...either in the form of cookies, cakes or well....cookies.
So it just reminded me that there is nothing much more special than the way our mothers can see so much in so little...see that what may look like a blob to others actually is dirt bikes racing up that hill...

 So once again we made play dough. 

Put play dough in their hands and the creativity happens!  I love it!

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