Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moon Pie Cake Meets Demarle

 My love affair with Demarle products in no secret!  To know me is to have eaten something made with Demarle!  If you have never heard of them....I am sorry!  It is a wonderful French product...professional cookware that came to the American market about 10 years ago.  

For years my Moon Pie Cake took the form of 2 stacked cake layers certainly delicious....

even described as beautiful....elegant,,,,and prized....(once sold at an auction for $150!!!!)

This time I used a fluted mold on top and then the 2 round cake layers below.  This actual "mold" has been discontinued by Demarle at Home...but this one would achieve the same look.  The 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of cream filling....with the chocolate lava, I mean, ganache....made a cake fit for a winter feast! 


Lisa said...

Looks absolutely delicious! (And sinful!)

Jen said...

Gorgeous cake! Demarle products are pretty impressive!

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