Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Overtures by YOU ignored.
Long nights, chores done.
Only moments alone with you, punctuated with drooping eyelids---yielding sleep.
Graciously even then I am in your loving hand receiving the sweet balm of rest.

Awakened at 2am.  Needing time alone with you.

I reach for water...Struck by the irony.  I need You as the deer thirsts for the water brook. Psalm 42:1

Overwhelmed by Your love.
Overwhelmed by Your desire for my a parent yearns to hear the proclamation of their child's love.
                                                     a woman yearns to be drawn into the arms of her beloved.
Overwhelmed that You yearn to hear my expression of love.....praise.
                                                              ....the sacrifice of praise(Heb.13:15)....from my lips.
Overwhelmed that You draw ME.  Day after day You draw ME...your child

Sweet restrains of Selah stream God Bless the Broken Road..  Tears fall. So randomly chosen by Pandora....nothing random by You.
Lost dreams....lead to You.  Broken hearts...lead to You, my Northern Star....Star of David.
"I would like to have all the time I lost and give it back to YOU.  But YOU just smile and take my hand.  YOU have been there.  YOU understand.  It is all of the greatest of plans." 

Tears fall.  Prayers flow.  I feel washed in the grace of forgiveness.  Drawn by cord of love.  Embraced by a love that will never let me go....even on this road broken by human imperfection called marriage, motherhood and ministry.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

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