Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Cool" Valentines....sports themed for guys to share!

A year or so ago, my 2nd of 3 son, was rather displeased with the in store selections of valentines.  He loves sports and is soooo not ready for the valentines that indicate the deepest of emotion or even the hint of romance.  So, I challenged him to make his own.  I was rather pleased and impressed with his finished product!  Below are the JPEG files of his valentines that can be copied to your picture files and printed for the little men folk in your life.                                                                             

If you would like to make your own valentines, he simply made these in Microsoft word.  He came up with the valentines sayings and then did a corresponding google search for a picture to match the saying.  This was a simple copy and paste project that thrilled the creative side of this kiddo!  

For personal use only.  Not for sale.


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