Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its that time of year again!

We had very few shopping trips growing up, but at this time of year we all got a bag full of new things....our own school supplies!

Takes me back to the smell of a fresh box of crayons, new pencils, elmers glue, folders, my very own Trapper Keeper...(remember those)....the joy of getting a new backpack, lunch box, and maybe even a new pair of shoes.

YEP, it is finally time for the boys to return to school! They are so very ready to see their friends again! Thursday I will go and see whom their teachers will be! They already have their backpacks loaded with their stack of supplies. They are ready!!!

It will be interesting to see how MLC and I adjust to the other brothers being at school all day long. The house will be so nap conducive. Who knows, maybe I will even get a nap!?!?!

I must admit, I will miss all the good things about summer! The times of family togetherness, the time of fellowship during our annual Bible Conference, All-Stars the whole month of June (EDC we were so proud of you and how well you performed), many days spent at the pool, the picking tomatoes together, bike rides and many walks with the boys. The 4th of July potluck on the square was great!! Some of my favorite memories of the summer is their enjoyment at Blue Springs and Westpoint Lake. The hours spent at the Valley Rec Center...swimming and shooting hoops with the boys...I love hearing EDC or JOC saying,"Nice shot, Mom!" There is nothing much more fun than getting a little aggressive on the basketball court with EJC, my DH....after all these years!!! Bible camp, too, was such a highlight of our summer with JOC's conversion! Camp is such a special opportunity to develop great friendships! The Lord truly blessed us this summer with lots of time with very special friends; rekindling old ones and making new! Even though the boys did not join us on the Pastors' Retreat, it too was a needed time of revitalizing for EJC and me....and proved to be special for the boys as well, considering they were not ready for our return.

The past two weeks have been spent trying to regain some structure prior to school starting. The thought of getting back into the routine of getting up, practicing violin, breakfast, review for tests and out the door this year by 7 or 7:15am seems almost impossible. This momma is gonna have to get to bed a little earlier so this can occur!!!

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