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Main Street Mom's Menu Mania

If you are just here FROM ORGANIZING JUNKIE for the menu and none of my chatter...feel free to scroll down to the end of the post and get the "unchattered version". It is there for you. Otherwise, read on and become a part of my week...maybe you will wish you were in my co-op, maybe you will be praying for me...none the less, thanks for stopping by to look in on the menu. Hope it inspires and eventually aids in the nourishing of your loved ones!

Monday: Chicken and Zucchini, pasta and baby peas
Once again, it was my shopping day and the car ended up in the shop...oh, and other things just did not go as planned. It was a good day to receive a meal from a friend/co-op!!!

In spite of the day, I am still very pleased with grocery shopping on Monday and having the menu planned! It gives me the freedom I need to prep for upcoming meals when I have the time...since all the ingredients I need are on hand. It is certainly working for me!

The above meal was prepared by my full-time employed, committed, supper co-op partner. I really am impressed at her determination to stay a part of supper co-op....just because she too loves having supper waiting in her kitchen when she arrives home from work 2 nights a week and leftovers to enjoy the other nights! Have I said it enough? Supper co-op is a great thing!

Tuesday:Chicken Taco Salad, black beans
My oldest woke during the night with fever. He has yearned for my companionship and attention all day....... Maybe I would have been a little stressed knowing that I had committed to feeding co-op on this particular day...I was even offered an out; to wait and prepare on Thursday. There was no problem....its all about preparing ahead. Do the small steps as you have time. The meat I had cooked a few weeks prior and froze. The recipe makes a lot! (As a side note, I usually do not like frozen cooked chicken meat, but this meat is so moist and juicy, it was not a problem.)
So, for my prep this week, I made the black beans in the crock pot on Sunday night as I slept....sigh! You could use canned black beans though.

Everyone got some salad mix, meat, cheese, black beans, olives, homemade salsa and homemade salad dressing and chips. It was yummy. The 2 yr old was the only one not real crazy about it. The other 2 boys loved it--So did EJC!

Wednesday: Calzones & Garden Salad
This meal was made by Leah. If you want this recipe, bug her....she has a blog too! Those of us that have blogs want comments and questions....right?
She is a homeschooling mom of 2, maintaining a home based business, also a youth pastor's wife, and she is my friend. Both times she has made these, we hear no complaints from the kiddos. Food is consumed without parental promptings! Always a good thing! Thanks for another good meal! Even the 2 year old loves them...thinks they are "hot pockets"!

Went to Doc this afternoon @ 4:30 on a church night, got in well after 5:30pm.
Once again, it was a great day to have supper waiting in the kitchen. My little man still has fever, MD thinks it is Strep...:-( We will be doing a lot of sitting on the couch holding each other this week.) We have been told to stay out of school the remainder of the week. In spite of him feeling just absolutely cruddy, our time together has been wonderfully sweet.

Thursday:Oatmeal fried chicken with mashed potatoes and fried squash patties
All who know me well, know that I am all about increasing the carb value....whatever that means?!?!? You know, complex, nutritional, hearty carbs instead of refined white delightful nothingness.... Well, this will be my first time trying this recipe and I am looking forward to it being successful! It has got to be has oatmeal. Truth is, I have a really hard time eating glopy, breakfast oats (I was raised on Cream of's the Northwestern heritage); however, grind those oats and the possibilities are endless, endless, endless!!!!
The children loved this meal! Even MLC, son #3, the 2yr old said, "Thank you for the yummies, Momma." It melted my heart. JOC, son #2 even requested to take a baggie full of chicken tenders to school the next day....and he usually thinks left overs are not cool enough for a first grader. So, I suppose it will be a recipe to repeat. I might add though, the tenders were not very pretty and my breading was somewhat crispy but fell off the meat rather easily.

The fried squash fritters went over rather well. I had all 3 sons eating squash...I do recall it was fried, but at least now I have overcome the hurdle of "squash is gross!!!" They now have been told that what I presented to them as "Fried Fritters" was in reality squash!!! JOC was amazed. He even said, "MOM, you tricked me!" I love it! Later I will work on getting a low fat version into them, but for now, I am still relishing the fact that they all ate copious amounts of SQUASH!!!! I made up the recipe. I will do it again and then I will blog about it after I measure and take pics. It will show up on the menu again....I promise!

FRIDAY:Spicy chicken thighs with Jasmine rice and Garden salad with Benihana Salad Dressing.
Here I blogged about making the chicken. I marinated the chicken meat on Tuesday night and cooked the meat and rice on Thursday. The flavors intensify and meld as it refrigerates until served on Friday! That also means that Friday supper is simple!!!

SATURDAY: 15 bean soup with ham (Remember the 12 pound ham from last week? It keeps on giving!) Cooked soup Wednesday in the crock pot, while I continued to nurture my feverish child.

SUNDAY: Roast Beef (Crock Pot), Sweet and Russet Potatoes, butter beans, yeast rolls, garden salad

Just the menu, man, just the menu....sparing you the chatty details.......

Monday: Chicken & Zucchini over angel hair pasta
Tuesday: Chicken Taco Salad
Wednesday: Calzones & Garden Salad
Thursday: Oatmeal fried chicken, baked potato, and squash fritters
Friday: Spicy chicken thighs
with Jasmine rice and Garden salad with Benihana Salad Dressing
Saturday:15 bean soup with ham
Sunday Dinner: Roast beef , potato and carrots

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