Sunday, October 19, 2008

Main Street Mom's Menu Mania

The age old question....."What am I going to cook tonight?!?!?!" Here is my first installment of Menu Mania from Main Street Mom! Thanks to Organizing Junkie, I have been inspired! My first week of following a menu has been wonderful!

Remember in my intro post last week, I mentioned being in a supper co-op. Well, tonight it is my cooking night off!!! And as it worked out, rather than having supper delivered, we were invited out by our co-op compadre!!! This week the other partner happens to be on vacation. We miss you! Thank you,ladies, always for co-op and supper.

This was my cooking supper off day!!! So I spent the day shopping.....CVS and Rite Aid Shopping!
After the boys were in bed, I made yeast rolls, blueberry muffins, and chocolate chip baked oatmeal!!! Oh what a feeling to stock the freezer!!!!!

The "ROULPAT seen under the cooling rack is what I use for rolling out any type of dough! Wonderful investment! I am not a Demarle Rep, but I collect the products and truly love all I own!

am....put Friday's 12 pound ham in oven (a local vendor had hams for .77/lb) had to cook for 4 hours!!! This was also cooked for sharing with supper co-op. Cooked bacon and sausage for Wed pizzas. While in kitchen anyway, cooked the salmon, noodles and sauce for supper.

Lunch: met some friends for a picnic...made Ham, spinach, tomato, basil, and mozzarella paninis.
Wish I had pics!!! The most special picnic at the park, I was told! The company was great too. Nothing like time with friends!!!

Supper: Angel Hair and Alfredo, Blackened Salmon, salad of baby greens and spinach with Olive Garden dressing
I usually double this recipe. The other folks in the supper co-op love it too.

Supper: Per EJC's request Homemade Pizza & Olive Garden Salad

The pizza was homemade. It is our family favorite toppings are sausage, bacon, mushrooms and black olives...of course cheese

Country style ribs, white rice, zipper peas, homemade yeast rolls
The ribs sat and simmered all day long in the crock pot! They were so tender. We got in late from visiting with a friend on the way home from violin so when the food made it to the plate there was no time to get a photo!!!

Ham, cheese grits, green bean casserole, yeast rolls


Lunch: b-que sandwiches, carrot, celery sticks and apple wedges (w/ peanut butter dip), pringles
Supper: rib eyes, garden salad, oven fries (see link below for roasted vegetables for cooking instructions for fries)


Smoked Pork Roast (Thanks to a friend for sharing!!! Yummy!!!)
Roasted sweet potatoes and roasted Irish Potatoes, Roasted carrots
I hope the loved ones you nourish will love these recipes as much as we have this week! Until next Sunday night! God Bless! Buen provecho!


Our Family said...

Wow! Great ideas and recipes! I have been looking for an Olive Garden Salad recipe for a while. Definitely going to try that!

Frugal Finds said...

Welcome to MPM!!!

Org Junkie said...

Such a great sounding menu, wow! I couldn't open your oatmeal recipe though.

Thanks for joining us!!

Main Street Mom said...

Thanks for the welcome! Try the oatmeal link again. It seems to be working fine or do a search on my blog with key words...oatmeal or muffins. Try again! It is a recipe I would not want to live without. Certainly my favorite go to. Let me know if you still have trouble

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great menu.

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