Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Huge Announcement for my Family!!!

As this post below will indicate, next month my parents will be returning to the States after 23 years of missionary service in the country of Honduras. We are eager and feel blessed to receive them back into States, but even more excited, knowing they will be living in our State!
I am looking forward to making many memories together in the upcoming years.

Below is the e-mail my father posted to his family, friends, and supporting churches.

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God is so good to all of us in innumerable ways. His ways are not our ways and He is continually teaching His children to trust and to rely in His word. We must trust and obey, and not forget that He “daily loadeth us with benefits.”

The Lord has sold our house, and we finally have a departure date to leave Honduras on December 12, 2008. This means that we have to finish packing, submit a list of list of the contents of each box, and arrange for loading and exporting our household goods back to the states.

Also it is in our plans to go for the last time to the Balfate and Río Esteban areas and visit with the brethren, preach in their assemblies, and take some food and medicines to them. We do thank each of the churches which have given toward this flood relief from the disaster they have suffered. They have expressed their gratitude to each of you who have helped.

When we arrive in the States, we will have to go to Sylvia’s appointment with the heart doctor in Lexington, KY on the 16th. I would like to be able to be with the Bryan Station Baptist Church to tell them thanks for the 23 years of a wonderful relationship with them. They voted to be our home church and the one who gave us the authority to do mission work in this country in 1985. It has been a blessing for Sylvia and me to serve the Lord here. We have seen many spiritual blessings as we have labored. The Lord has saved many people and four churches have been organized as a result of God’s grace and mercy. Thank you all so much for the support you have sent for this mission work. Some of you have supported us for the full 23 years and we thank you so much. Our return and getting settled in our new place of service in the Philadelphia B.C., in Decatur, AL will take some time.

May the Lord bless you all, and thanks again,

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Please keep them in your prayers as they transition into "Stateside ministry".


Carey said...

That's great news about your parents!

Amanda said...

That is fantastic! I am so happy for you and your family! What an extra blessing to have them in the same state too :)

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