Saturday, January 3, 2009

Motherhood Perks

Found this among my perfume bottles....I am assuming that I am the mom being referenced! How absolutely heartwarming to know that this 7 year old man version is already finding ways to slip notes to convey his love. May those notes continue to be passed in my direction for many years to come! May the lady that someday finds herself blessed to have his love relish it as much as I do now! I love this little man so very much!

Ok, as if that did not melt my heart...while my men were speaking my love language by repairing the gates!!! Yes, the gates at this Main Street abode are all in working order!!!! This manly son took note of the beautiful Camellia bush outside my kitchen window and was compelled to deliver a bloom to me, his mother. The bloom graced my window flower vase for many a day...reminding me during the times of mother/child disharmony...that there are better moments and days of motherhood.

Love that gloved hand!

Thank you, sons! I am praying now for the women God may be preparing for you and you for them!!!

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