Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Found this fresh arrangement on my table today....placed there by my first born son! He did great and I will admit the only "tweaking" I did was to pull out a wilted herb and replace it. I am impressed! Thank you my son!

This time of year, I am so thankful for the ever blooming Camellias! I have long called them my "winter roses". Nearly everything else in the garden is dormant. It is always my winter delight to cut and bring in the Camellias! Thank you, Lord, for flowers! Such a simple thing that the Creator designed for a purpose and for our pleasure!

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Jerralea said...

Oh, your camellias are so pretty!

Thanks for coming by my blog. I see that you really do love Elisabeth Elliot. I saw your links to her on more than one of your blogs!

Nice to meet you and I hope you join the 5 Fave group.

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