Friday, January 2, 2009

What we love about this time of year!

There is nothing more special than time spent with the fam!
This time of year, all the vacation time that has been saved must be used and that means lots of time with Daddy! This time of year also affords the "big boys" a break from school as well. It makes for a lot of togetherness.

Even got to fish a time or two!

Just having some great cozy time! Cuttin' up and being silly!

Taking in a sun rise...yes a sun rise! There's not been much sleepin in since JOC was born
(7 yrs ago)!!!

MLC having a lovin' moment..that means cuddled, sucking thumb and hair in other hand....when you have all that, who needs a blankie!

An attempt to play a new game...with the 2 year old wanting to be involved. Will need to try again later!

Even when studying, Daddy has time for the kiddos...
always an open-door policy for those boys!

Routine is good, but these times are needed too.

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